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COVID-19 address by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa (20.04.09)

Coronavirus: No-Panic Help Guide

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Coronavirus COVID-19 HOTLINES

If you experience any symptoms of Coronavirus, it is recommended that you DO NOT visit your GP or hospital, but rather call one of the Coronavirus Hotlines listed below:

Coronavirus Symptoms

If you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms, call your local HOTLINE: Sneezing – Fever – Dry Cough – Burning Eyes – Runny Nose – Shortness of Breath and Breathing Difficulties

For WHO information on COVID-19, click HERE


Customer Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Statement DD 2020.03.15

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To our Valued Core2Africa Customers,

As the world braces for the full impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, I want to let you know what Core2Africa is doing to best protect you and your businesses.

Firstly, allow me to say that in this challenging time, Core2Africa will be going above and beyond our normal intention to service you as our valued customer, even though the methods we use to achieve these service levels may be different to what you have experienced before.

In many instances Core2Africa not only supplies you with critical equipment for your business but is also actively involved in providing ongoing support and maintenance services for your network.

While our primary motivation is to protect the most vulnerable members of our society, we are fortunate that our business structure and operating models allow us to continue to provide the best possible service to our clients.

We believe that it is the responsibility of both companies and the individuals within the regions in which they operate to take all reasonable steps to slow the rate of new infections. This is essential in order to minimise the number of patients requiring simultaneous treatment at hospitals. By acting early and taking the necessary steps, we believe that many lives can be saved.

I have appointed a Core2Africa COVID-19 Leadership Team to focus on how Core2Africa responds to the challenges we and our customers are currently facing with the pandemic, as well as anticipating future challenges.

To this end, I wanted to let you know what procedures Core2Africa has put in place and what we are doing to ensure continuity within your businesses as we weather these testing times:

Core2Africa Staff
As of Monday 16th March, in keeping with ‘social distancing’ recommendations, all Core2Africa offices will be closed, with all staff working from home. Core2Africa staff are fully equipped to work remotely and customers should therefore not feel any impact in the level of support received from Core2Africa. Furthermore, all staff travel, except for business-critical situations, has been put on hold until the current situation improves.

Core2Africa Customers
The health and wellness of our customers remains a top priority for Core2Africa. As such, we will suspend all customer visits unless of a critical nature, in which case a number of precautions will be adopted for our staff, including:
1. They are not to work on site at a customer if they are experiencing any cold or ‘flu-like symptoms
2. They are to avoid all physical contact (in particular, no shaking of hands)
3. They are to wash their hands regularly and are to avoid touching their face
4. They are to minimise time spent on site and, as far as possible, to keep a distance of at least two metres from other people.

Despite the above restrictions, we remain committed to maintaining ‘business-as-usual’ as far as possible, including all means of contact for support:
• Support Desk Telephone +27 87 803 9770 or +27 83 680 9522
• Support Desk Website Page
• Download Group Service Level Manager vCard HERE

Important Notes:
• Due to quarantine requirements there may be delays in responding to outages that require travel
• Please confirm availability of Core2Africa engineers PRIOR to undertaking any network changes

Core2Africa Supply Chain
Core2Africa is doing everything possible to ensure that the supply of products from vendors is maintained, but there may be unavoidable delays as a result of precautions being taken by shippers and airlines.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adhere to health official recommendations and instructions, and we are ready to make whatever changes may be needed to ensure the health, wellness and safety of you, our valued customer. We will update you as and when required.

Finally, should have any queries in regard to this announcement please email our COVID-19 management team on or refer to the Core2Africa COVID-19 website page for the latest information.

I appreciate your support and understanding in these extremely challenging times and I wish for your continued well-being.


Kind regards,


Stanley Freiman
CEO Core2Africa

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