Generally most Internet Service Providers start off with a relatively simple network environment in which they are able to implement fairly entry level Internet routing policies. As the environment tends to grow quite rapidly and requirements start to become more complex, there is a need to evolve the underlying infrastructure & associated routing policies in order to be able to become more scalable, cost effective and improve the quality of the customer’s user/subscriber experience.

In order to achieve this, it is often necessary to restructure the routing infrastructure by using mechanisms such as BGP communities, MPLS traffic engineering and advanced routing policies in order to meet rapidly evolving business requirements.

Even in the larger, more established Internet environments, there is a constant need to improve and optimize the network infrastructure and policies in order to remain competitive.

With many years of experience in the deployment and optimization of networks across the African continent, Core2Africa Networks is uniquely positioned to assist with the deployment as well as the ongoing evolution and optimization of Internet infrastructures.