IP/MPLS Converged Services Networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is now considered the networking technology of choice for converged networks carrying all types of traffic including voice, telephony, real-time video and data traffic. MPLS has become the key technology for deploying backbone infrastructure supporting a wide variety of network services including Layer 3 VPN’s, Layer 2 VPN’s and a variety of transport technologies in a secure, scalable and reliable fashion. MPLS provides a number of mechanisms that enables the management of the quality, reliability and security of these services. These mechanisms include techniques such as QoS, traffic engineering, multi-cast and rapid network convergence, in order to provide a Carrier grade, converged services solution.

Core2Africa Networks has a unique experience and skills set to enable convergence of a great variety of these services in to a single Carrier grade environment. These services included the simultaneous combination of Carrier grade voice, financial real time, multi-cast, Internet transit, Enterprise wide area network and a variety of pseudo wires as well as other value-added services over a single, converged services network infrastructure.