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NETSCOUT is a leading provider of business assurance, a powerful combination of service assurance, cybersecurity and business intelligence solutions. The product portfolio for the service provider environments unlocks the power of IP-based data to give you the visibility, security, performance, usage and experience insights needed to deliver uninterrupted, flawless services to your customers.

The service provider portfolio includes products for service assurance, troubleshooting, diagnostics and business analytics. NETSCOUT’s business assurance products are designed to provide pervasive, end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual environments, speed issue resolution, and deliver actionable intelligence, enabling you to improve service, network and application performance.

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Core2Africa Value Proposition for Netscout Arbor

Core2Africa has been a Netscout Arbor partner since 2010, having developed a high level of knowledge, skill and experience working a variety of customers in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Multiple implementations across a variety of local and global service providers positions Core2Africa as the premier integrator for Netscout Arbor in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

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Solutions Matrix

Netscout fits into three pillars of the Core2Africa SNAAP Matrix, namely Subscriber, Networks and Protection, aligning with the challenges that have arisen within the service provider environment, including:
• Network Performance and Dimensioning
• Visibility & Understanding of Subscriber Behaviour, Network Behaviour and Service Behaviour
• Quality of Service
• Price Compression
• Service Commoditisation
• Reduced Barriers to Entry for New Competitors
• Security
• Revenue Leakage

In line with these challenges Core2Africa has developed a structured approach to best manage them: S-N-A-A-P

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Value Proposition   •   Solutions Matrix   •   Product Focus   •   White Papers   •   Gallery

Core2Africa Product Focus

Core2Africa promotes, sells and implements Netscout Arbor Edge Defence and Threat Mitigation System (TMS). All implementations are conducted using Core2Africa Professional Services, following a Structured 7-Step End-to-End Approach, and supported by Core2Africa Maintenance & Support Services.

NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense

First Line of Defense: Deployed at the network perimeter, using stateless technology and armed with millions of IoCs, AED detects and blocks inbound cyber threats at internet scale, thus taking the pressure off of stateful devices such as NextGen Firewalls.

Last Line of Defense: Enhancing the existing security stack, AED can detect and block outbound communication to hacker command and control (C2), domains and URLs; thus helping stop the further proliferation of malware with an organization and avoid a data breach. Read more . . .

Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Cloud Providers and Enterprises face a common problem. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is a major risk to service availability. The power, sophistication and frequency of DDoS attacks continue to increase. Data centre operators and network providers need a defence that is effective, cost-efficient and easily managed.
Arbor Threat Mitigation System (TMS) is the acknowledged leader in DDoS protection. More Service Providers, Cloud Providers and large Enterprises use Arbor TMS for DDoS mitigation than any other solution. Read more . . .

ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF) Service

The ATLAS Intelligence Feed service (AIF) provides you with tailored information about DDoS attacks relevant to your NETSCOUT Threat Mitigation System infrastructure (TMS).

The ATLAS Intelligence Feed empowers users with policies and countermeasures to address attacks as part of an advanced threat or DDoS attack. The information provided helps ensure that large networks and peering environments are able to detect and protect against the latest threats that enter or leave their networks. The AIF is a service of the ATLAS Security Engineering and Response Team (ASERT) and was designed for the largest networks to benefit from the depth and breadth of our research. Read more . . .

nGeniusONE for Carrier Service Provider

Without a cohesive, consistent set of service views and automated analytics, monitoring a complex environment can prove extremely challenging. NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform, powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI), our next-generation traffic analysis technology, delivers critical insights into the performance, availability, and consumption of services, so you can address the needs of a wide range of operational teams including network, engineering, and planning managers. Read more . . .

Arbor Sightline

Network operators demand a solution that evolves with their business needs. Arbor Sightline has been evolving with operators over the last decade and continues to be the de-facto platform for understanding how traffic is flowing through your network. Download this datasheet to learn how Arbor Sightline can help you meet your key business objectives. Read more . . .

GeoProbe G10

With a proven track record and worldwide deployment by Tier 1 operators, the GeoProbe® family remains at the centre of NETSCOUT’s network monitoring portfolio. In keeping with the pace of network technology changes and dynamic market conditions, NETSCOUT® has evolved its hardware to meet changing customer needs.

Designed specifically to address high bandwidth interfaces and data center applications, the NEBS-compliant GeoProbe G10 platform features a distributed architecture optimized to handle high volume IP traffic with native support for both IPv4 and IPv6. Read more . . .

Value Proposition   •   Solutions Matrix   •   Product Focus   •   White Papers   •   Gallery

Netscout Arbor Product Updates and News

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2019.12.02 – Netscout – UPDATE: The Next Big DDoS Event Is Just Around the Corner. Or Is It? It has been nearly two years since we entered the terabit attack era. What, if anything, can we learn from the past?

In October 2016, a massive DDoS attack targeted DNS service provider Dyn, successfully taking offline dozens of the world’s leading brands. This attack was powered by Internet of Things (IoT) botnets and led to much discussion about how secure and resilient our digital infrastructure truly was. It shocked most people to see just how many popular internet and digital services could be impacted from a single event.

Sixteen months later, in late February 2018, attackers using vulnerable memcached servers and their magnificent reflection/amplification capabilities launched what would become one of the largest DDoS attacks in history. Akamai first reported the 1.3Tbps attack, which was against GitHub, one of its customers. Days later, NETSCOUT worked with a North American service provider (SP) customer to successfully mitigate a 1.7Tbps DDoS attack, now the largest ever recorded. The same wonder and speculation followed these attacks: What’s next?

Sixteen months lapsed between Dyn and the memcached attacks. Sixteen months from memcached takes us to June 2019. Uh-oh? Here we are, months past June so clearly no. As it turns out. DDoS attacks are not like earthquakes. Their past behavior is not a predictor of the future.

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NOTE: These product updates include ONLY those products sold and supported by Core2Africa.

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Digital Attack Map

The Digital Attack Map show the DDoS attacks happening in real time around the world. Use the timeline at the bottom to review attacks on certain days.

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Value Proposition   •   Solutions Matrix   •   Product Focus   •   White Papers   •   Gallery

White Papers

Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

NETSCOUT’s Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report (WISR) delivers insights from a global survey of network, security, and IT decision-makers across enterprise and service provider organizations. Its focus is on the operational challenges they face daily from network-based threats, as well as the strategies adopted to address and mitigate them. The survey arms you with insights to develop and implement a DDoS and infrastructure security and network protection plan.

How to Analyze and Reduce the Risk of DDoS Attacks

Using risk methodology called FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) and a fictitious $50M/year e-commerce scenario, this paper is designed to help you re-assess your risk of the modern-day DDoS attack.

DDoS Protection Assurance with Arbor Cloud for Service Providers


  • Ensure only DDoS-free traffic is travelling your core infrastructure
  • Defend your backbone from sustained
    volumetric attacks
  • Protect your network capacity with
    budgetary predictability

Effective DDoS Mitigation in Distributed Peering Environments

Two trends are driving the design of today’s network edge: the growth in unicast streaming video, and the continued growth of Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. The Cisco Visual Networking Index™ has shown a 1270-per cent rise in Internet traffic over the last 12 years and projects a threefold increase in the next five years. Cisco estimates that peering bandwidth, in particular, is growing at a steady 30-per cent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), and some carriers are already planning for growth as high as 50 per cent per year. This is mostly driven by a steady increase in unicast video streaming and other content sources versus traditional peering expansion with other network providers.


It’s hard to express the scale of today’s cyber threat landscape, let alone its global impact. We can tell you that there were nearly four million DDoS attacks around the world in the last six months, and that attack frequency grew by 39 per cent. Or that the NETSCOUT ASERT team saw 20,000 unique samples per month from just one family of IoT malware. Or even that it can take only five days from the discovery of a new attack vector to the availability of tools for the script-kiddie designed to exploit that vulnerability.

Value Proposition   •   Solutions Matrix   •   Product Focus   •   White Papers   •   Gallery

Value Proposition   •   Solutions Matrix   •   Product Focus   •   White Papers   •   Gallery

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