As service provider subscriber bases have grown, there is a greater level of abstraction between the service provider and the customer. Therefore, analytics becomes a critical tool to speedily assist the service provider customer support staff to understand and resolve customer problems. Analytics is also critical int he long-term planning for network investment and to determine the profitability of the various services that have been deployed.

In order to operate efficiently, it is becoming essential for the service provider to have the correct tools to understand the trends and to take appropriate action where required. The analytic tools can be broadly broken down into the following categories:

Subscriber Analytics
  • Individual Subscriber Analytics
  • Product/Package Analytics
  • Subscriber Base Analytics
  • User Experience
  • Traffic Trend Analysis
Network Analytics
  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Performance Analysis
  • Routing Analytics
  • Control Plane Analytics
  • Peering Analysis
  • Network Availability
Security Analytics
  • DDoS Detection & Mitigation Analytics
  • Subscriber Threat Detection
  • DNS Security Analytics
Troubleshooting & Support
  • Correlation between Current and Previous Network States
  • Individual Subscriber Analytics for Ticket Resolution
  • Monitoring of SLA Parameters to facilitate early detection and remediation of network degradation
Billing & Revenue Assurance
  • Correlate Analytics against Billing Information to identify services consumed/not paid for
  • Detection & Monitoring of DNS Tunnelling and other tunnelling mechanisms used to avoid billing on network usage
  • Detection of Services where the contract has been cancelled and the service has not been properly decommissioned

Pain-Points Addressed

1. Increasing Support and Troubleshooting Workload

2. Lack of Skilled Staff

3. Customer Satisfaction

4. Lack of Visibility

  • Subscribers (per individual or/and a set of subscribers)
  • Services Selling
  • Supporting Services
  • Network
  • Elements of the Network
  • The Various Solutions on the Network
  • Network Analytics
  • Peering Point Analytics
  • Revenue Assurance Issues
  • Inability to Validate Business Cases

5. Revenue Assurance Issues

  • Inability to Validate Business Cases

Solution Components

Below is a high-level overview of the analytics solutions offered by Core2Africa:

  • Subscriber Analytics
  • Internet Traffic Profiles
  • DNS Analysis
  • Routing Protocol/Control Plane Analytics
  • Network Performance Management
  • Quality of Experience Analytics

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