As use of the Internet and data services has grown, there has been significant compression in the price of bandwidth. Over the years, bandwidth has moved from the dominant overhead cost for service providers, to become far less significant , with staff costs now becoming the dominant cost in running a service provider. As the public has become aware of the reduced bandwidth costing, they are expecting the service providers to reduce the costs of their services accordingly.

This is placing the service providers under significant price pressure, which in turn forces them to investigate automating the activation, support and decommissioning of services.

Today, the bulk of the service provider overhead is made of the staff cost, and in turn, the bulk of this staff is involved in the selling, provisioning, supporting, billing and decommissioning of services.

Effective automation can greatly reduce the headcount along with the potential for human error. This, in turn, leads to significant reduction in the service provider operational costs.

There are three main areas of automation:

  • Automation of Subscriber Base Services
  • Automation of Network Configured Services
  • Automation of Network Overlay Services

Pain-Points Addressed

  • Spiralling Costs of Human Resources
  • Significant Pressure to Reduce the Cost of Services Sold
  • Poor Integration of Network and Business System
  • Automation of and Optimisation of Processes
  • Long Time to Deploy Services
  • Long Time to Repair Services
  • Excessive Time for Fault Finding

Solution Components

Automation of Subscriber Base Services

  • Subscriber Database
  • Bandwidth Policy Management System
  • North-Bound REST/SOAP/Other APIs for Integration to CRM, Quoting, Ticketing, and Billing systems

Network Configured and Overlay Services

  • Network and Services Inventory Database
  • SNN Controller
  • North-Bound REST/SOAP/Other APIs for Integration to CRM, Quoting, Ticketing, and Billing systems

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