We understand that network infrastructure is a critical part of a service provider’s business. Downtime, as well as a degraded or slow service, can ruin a company’s reputation. An inefficient network can have far-reaching consequences and excessive operational costs.

Understanding the trends, the technologies and complexities around building world-class networks is what we have built our reputation on. Building networks is a key part of our value proposition and is a significant component of our existing business. We have a strong skills base, as well as experience and methodologies to deliver on customer requirements.

Core2Africa’s objective is to build networks that deliver on customer requirements and reflect the trust that clients have placed in us. We treat every project as a value-adding partnership with our customers. In so doing:

  • We deploy best-fit technologies using proven methodologies and efficient delivery
  • We supply comprehensive documentation at all stages of the project (initiation, design, implementation, migration, acceptance testing, completion and handover)
  • We develop our customer’s skills base through knowledge transfer

Pain-Points Addressed

  • Customer Experience, also known as Quality of Experience
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Network Performance
  • Network Visibility
  • Network Outages, including:
    o Lack of redundancy built into the network
    o Downtime
    o Unreliable or inefficiently designed network

Solution Components

Assessment, Design and Implementation (ADI)

  • We make an assessment of our customer’s requirements, business needs and objectives.
  • We design and develop the most effective solution.
  • We do design validation with rigorous proof of concept exercises.
  • Vendor accredited engineers with deep level industry experience in Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Netscout Arbor and Infoblox are made available.
  • We make knowledge transfer to our customer’s technical staff an integral part of the process.

Network Auditing

Core2Africa has decades of industry experience in the area of network auditing. We have highly skilled consultants who are able to advise and recommend areas where you can improve your network. We have audited dozens of ISPs and national Telco networks in all areas, whether it is the Core, Aggregation, MPBN, Metro or the Data Center portion only.

  • We validate your network deployment against the best, and most common industry best practices
  • We evaluate network your network’s performance, scalability and design and will propose recommendations for improvement
  • We look at your products and services and look at how they fit your current network infrastructure

Building Multi-Vendor Networks

We build networks using Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and Extreme Networks, and integrate with Huawei, Nokia, as well as with other vendors. Core2Africa has a proven track record in building, and supporting multivendor networks. Whether it’s an IP/MPLS Core, Aggregation/Intelligent Edge, Peering, Data Center or MPBN network, we will ensure a best-fit solution.

Support Infrastructure

We offer customised, service level agreements to cater for the customer post-implementation needs. Whether it is vendor-backed support for original OEM parts, or scaling to proactive support, we have a number of standardised Core2Care support options and if required we will tailor our support to your needs.

Our support ranges from analysis and health checks to network upgrades.

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