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Core2Africa is the PREMIER Service Provider Integrator in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

About Us

Core2Africa was founded in June 2010 by Stanley Freiman (CEO), Rudolf Venter (CTO) and Claire Canin (Professional Practice Executive), and has grown to become the leading service provider integrator in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. With the group head office in Mauritius, Core2Africa have customers in the telco, mobile operator and service provider markets within east, central, west and south African regions along with the Indian Ocean Islands often need a high level of skill to assist with significant projects, or with the auditing of networks in order to achieve reduced costs, increased sales, and improved service to end-users. Read more . . .

Service Provider Integrator

Unrivalled SP Network Solution Specialists across sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Helping service providers, telcos and mobile operators reduce costs, increase revenue and improve customer experience levels, Core2Africa is the leading Network Solutions Specialist in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, focusing on solutions for Subscriber, Network, Analytics, Automation, and Protection. Read more . . .

S-N-A-A-P Solutions

Core2Africa has always believed that the operators/service providers need to continuously evolve in order to meet market expectations. While this continues to remain highly relevant in today’s operator environment, there have been a number of challenges that have arisen. In line with these challenges, Core2Africa has developed solutions to best address them. Read more . . .

Support Services

Core2Africa offers a multitude of Network Maintenance & Support Services under the Core2Care brand. Core2Africa provides additional support services, complementary to normal OEM support services. A number of bolt-on services are available to a Core2Care contract, including enhanced sparing, professional services, knowledge transfer, and network baseline updates. Read more . . .

Technology Partners

Core2Africa partners with a number of ‘best-of-breed’ original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that our customers receive the very best in network products and solutions. Core2Africa engineers are highly skilled in all the OEMs we partner with. Read more . . .

The Evolution of the Internet

Core2Africa’s vision and mission are centred around the growth and expansion of the Internet in Africa and in the Indian Ocean Islands.

We are focused on supporting telcos, service providers and mobile operators by providing a high level of technical skill and know-how in all technologies related to the Internet and all the services appended to it.

We, therefore, have a deep understanding of the Evolution of the Internet, and share it with you here: The Evolution of the Internet

How We Serve Africa & IOI

Core2Africa has offices and staff in Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Visit the Contact Us page for details of the various offices. Core2Africa provide service providers, telcos and mobile operators throughout sub-Saharan Africa with technical skills, products, services, and supporting services, for all major service provider vendors, including Affirmed Networks, Ciena Blue Planet, Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, F5, Fortinet, Infoblox, Juniper Networks, Netscout Arbor, Oracle, and Sandvine. The regions that Core2Africa service include Indian Ocean Islands, East Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa, and West Africa. Read more . . .

The Core2Africa Team

Core2Africa has a team of sales professionals, engineers, management and support staff located across the various locations of the Core2Africa offices. Click on this link to locate a Core2Africa staff member to best serve you. Read more . . .


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Professional Services

Core2Africa has the leadership and expertise to enable organisations to achieve their strategic goals and to support their environment. We provide organisations with professional services, enabling them to scale their technical teams where needed and to compliment these teams with a high level of technical skill, across multiple platforms and vendor products and solutions. Our technical team has a wide range of expert knowledge across many network areas and vendor platforms. We have a presence in numerous locations across sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Read more . . .


Photographs covering the many countries that Core2Africa as well as the events which Core2Africa has participated in. Read more . . .


Core2Africa sponsors SMARTEXPO, a Virtual Live Expo Showcase, bringing technology updates, products and services to mobile operators, telcos and service providers across sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Read more . . .

What our customers are saying . . .

Core2Africa has been the supplier of equipment, solutions and professional services to VOX Telecommunications for more than 10 years, focusing on the following areas of network architecture analysis, design and optimisation, bill of quantity development for enterprise services, price book development for complex network solutions, SLA development for complex network solutions, subscriber management, and routing and switching. Core2Africa has added significant value to VOX’s operation over the years by maintaining a dedicated team of highly skilled technical and service delivery resources.

Keith Laaks

Executive Head - Technology, VOX Telecom

This letter serves to confirm that Core2Africa is an active and long-standing partner of EOH Network Solutions assigned to provide and deliver the following consultancy services to EOH Network Solutions:

  1. Network architecture analysis, design and optimization
  2. Bill of quantity development
  3. SLA development for complex network solutions.

EOH Network Solutions is a Tier1 ISP with its own data and voice communication infrastructures national and international.  With the ever-increasing advancement of technologies, growth in capacity requirements as well as ensuring that EOH Network Solutions continually provide stable, reliable, predictable and maintainable voice and data communications and services to our customers, it is imperative that we stay abreast of industry innovation and remain at the forefront of technology.  In this regard, we are making use of Core2Africa to advise and assist us with continually reviewing the technology architecture, assessing current design and performance metrics as well as advising on optimisation techniques in order to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed our customer expectations.

It is confirmed that all of the above services are currently being delivered to EOH Network Solutions.

Kindly contact the undersigned should you have any queries in this regard.

Francois Conradie

Director of Operations, EOH Network Solutions

ROKE Telkom has worked with Core2Africa Networks for over five years and we hold them in high regard. Some of the reasons we hold Core2Africa in such high regard are:

  • Core2Africa carried out our Juniper Core Network Upgrade project in exemplary fashion
  • Core2Africa set up our Sandvine bandwidth and subscriber management system
  • Core2Africa deployed and now support our PeerApp caching platform
  • Our Juniper and Sandvine platforms are currently supported by Core2Africa
  • Core2Africa deliver world-class professional services to our network engineering team
  • Core2Africa act as our network advisors for complex changes that we wish to make on our network

We therefore make this recommendation without reservation whatsoever.

Please feel free to call me if you would like any further information about Core2Africa.

Timothy Musoke

Chief Technical Officer, ROKE Telkom

Mauritius Telecom has had the opportunity to work with Core2Africa since 2016 on its ISP Re-Design project.  This project was a milestone project for Mauritius Telecom as it covered an audit, detailed analysis of the existing legacy ISP network architecture together with the design of new infrastructure based on network redundancy, resilience & service flexibility.  It also involves a low-level understanding of the design requirements and optimisation to satisfy Mauritius Telecom business model.

Core2Africa was very responsive to our RFP technical requirements and various requests for clarifications in order to provide Mauritius Telecom with required info to make an informed decision.  All project items were clearly included in the BoQ and options listed as per Mauritius Telecom request.  Following the successful implementation of the ISP Re-Design Project, Core2Africa has provided Mauritius Telecom with a well-structured SLA to address operational issues as well as an escalation procedure.

L.R. Rai Basgeet

Chief Technical Officer - Networks Department, Mauritius Telecom

We hereby confirm that Core2Africa have been a technical advisor and hardware supplier to ECN over the past two years. They have also provided consulting and project management services in the following areas:

  1. Network architecture analysis, design and optimization
  2. Bill of quantity development (technical qualifications)
  3. SLA for complex network solutions
  4. Network implementation

We can recommend their services.

Mike Brits

Executive Head, Networks, ECN

Why not use our highly-skilled engineers to audit your network?

Core2Africa conduct Network Audits for telcos, Internet service providers and mobile operators, providing a detailed audit report that allows companies to improve service to end-users, reduce costs, and drive up revenue.

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