Core2Africa was founded in June 2010 by Stanley Freiman (CEO), Rudolf Venter (CTO) and Claire Canin (Professional Practice Executive) and has grown to become the leading service provider integrator in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

,With the group head office in Mauritius, Core2Africa have customers in the telco, mobile operator and service provider markets within east, central, west and south African regions along with the Indian Ocean Islands, service provider customers often need a high level of skill to assist with significant projects, or with the auditing of networks in order to achieve reduced costs, increased sales, and improved service to end-users.

Core2Africa has a reputation amongst telcos, mobile operators and service providers for having the most advanced technical skills for OEMs like Cisco, Juniper, Sandvine, Netscout Arbor, Ciena Blue Planet, Oracle, Infoblox, Extreme Networks, F5, Fortinet, and Affirmed Networks (Microsoft).

Our Vision

A globally-competitive Africa powered by high-performance Internet

Our Mission

Keenly understanding our customers pain-points and needs. Acquiring, training and retaining the best skills in the industry. Applying a structured methodology to resolving customer challenges. Providing trusted solutions. Empowering customers with knowledge.

Core2Africa Unique Value Proposition

Core2Africa is the UNRIVALLED Service Provider Integrator in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, and offer customers the following UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION:

  • A Thorough Understanding of Commercial, Technical and Operational Issues Facing Service Providers
  • Technical Solutions Uniquely Developed for Service Providers
  • Multi-Vendor Professional Service Integration Skills
  • Unique 7-Step End-to-End Approach for Successful Project Implementation
  • 24×7 Support & Maintenance Service
  • Technology Partnerships with Leading Service Provider Vendors

The Core2Africa Team

Core2Africa has a team of sales professionals, engineers, management and support staff located across the various locations of the Core2Africa offices. Click on the link below to locate a Core2Africa staff member to best serve you.

How We Serve Africa & the Indian Ocean Islands

Core2Africa has offices and staff in Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Visit the Contact Us page for details of the various offices.

Core2Africa provide service providers, telcos and mobile operators throughout sub-Saharan Africa with technical skills, products, services, and supporting services, for all major service provider vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Netscout Arbor, Sandvine, Ciena Blue Planet, Oracle, Extreme Networks, Infoblox, F5, Fortinet, and Affirmed Networks (Microsoft).

The regions that Core2Africa service include Indian Ocean Islands, East Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa, and West Africa.

Structured 7-Step End-to-End Approach 

As the leading Service Provider Integrator in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, Core2Africa uses a tried and tested Structured 7-Step End-to-End Approach to provide customers with solutions that solve real day-to-day operations and service delivery problems. Refer to the infographic below to understand Core2Africa’s ability to deliver on projects with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The Customers We Proudly Serve


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