What Operators & Service Providers Need to Achieve

In order for operators to meet customer service expectations whilst at the same time maintaining a sustainable business, they need to achieve the following:

  • Economies of Scale
  • Provide Market-Leading Quality of Experience
  • Optimise the Costs of Providing the Services
  • Ensure Robust Reliability of Services

Current Challenges Facing Operators & Service Providers

While this continues to remain highly relevant in today’s operator environment, there have been a number of challenges that have arisen, including:

  • Network Performance and Dimensioning
  • Visibility & Understanding of Subscriber Behaviour, Network Behaviour and Service Behaviour
  • Quality of Service
  • Price Compression
  • Service Commoditisation
  • Reduced Barriers to Entry for New Competitors
  • Security
  • Revenue Leakage
  • Maintaining Service Levels and Quality of Experience when using Third-Party Infrastucture

Operator & Service Provider 5-Stage Evolution Cycle

Core2Africa has always believed that the operators/service providers need to continuously evolve in order to meet market expectations. Since the founding of Core2Africa in 2010, Core2Africa has advocated the following five high-level stages in the evolution of the operator/service provider environment:

  1. Network Convergence – through the years, this has largely been achieved in most environments
  2. Network Consolidation – in recent years, this has evolved from consolidating multiple network devices to consolidating the number of locations where network equipment is installed
  3. Simplification – removal of unnecessary equipment across the environment, including standardisation, structuring, naming conventions, and architecture
  4. Automation – following Simplification, it becomes practical and affordable to start automating the repetitive tasks and closing the loops between the business systems (CRM, provisioning, support, billing)
  5. Separation – an abstraction of the services from the physical network infrastructure

Core2Africa’s solutions . . .


In line with these challenges, Core2Africa provides solutions with the value proposition to best address them, which include the following five elements:


Internet access services are delivered in many ways. As the environments have grown and matured, subscriber-orientated services have become more widely deployed, to the point where they provide the bulk of access to the Internet.

Subscriber services have a variety of advantages, including:

• More dynamic and can be activated based on the content of a subscriber database
• Easier to automate
• More scalable
• Less dependent on the complex management of network elements
• More cost-effective to deploy

Since inception in 2010, Core2Africa has offered a substantial range of products and services that support subscriber infrastructure (mobile and fixed).

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We understand that network infrastructure is a critical part of any business. Downtime, as well as a degraded or slow service, can ruin a company’s reputation. An inefficient network can have far-reaching consequences with unanticipated repair costs.

“If you think hiring professionals is expensive, wait until you see the cost of hiring amateurs.”

Understanding the trends, the technologies and complexities around building world-class networks are what we have built our reputation on. Building networks is a key part of our value proposition and is a significant component of our existing business. We have an established, strong skill base in this area.

Core2Africa has extensive experience in the deployment and optimisation of a wide variety of network infrastructures (both in function and scale).

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As subscriber services and applications become more and more entrenched as the dominant means for users to access the internet, the numbers of subscribers and data volumes are growing at close to exponential rates. This, in turn, creates a number of significant challenges for service providers. In order to manage or resolve these challenges, the service provider needs detailed and reliability visibility into subscriber and network behaviour.

Core2Africa provides a wide range of analytics solutions that cater to individual subscribers, the behaviour of the overall subscriber base, the usage patterns of services, the performance of the network infrastructure (measuring both data traffic profiles and control plane behaviour), peering analytics, and security-related analytics.

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As the use of the Internet and data services has grown, the cost focus has shifted from optimising bandwidth-costs to optimising people-costs, which have become the dominant operational costs. In order for an operator to remain competitive in today’s environment, it has become necessary to achieve economies of scale and the need to simplify the environment, thereby automating repetitive tasks.

Core2Africa’s primary focus is on the automation of subscriber services and provides a pragmatic and practical approach to implementing automation, based on the premise that the network should be simplified prior to the implementation of automation. This makes the implementation of automation more simple, cheaper, and sustainable.

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Protection of a telecommunication network is a consistent evaluation engine that receives information about potential threats from user devices on the network and determines the threat level to the network. Threats are then mitigated based on the determined threat level.

Since inception in 2010, Core2Africa has built up a solid track record in the detection and mitigation of denial of service attacks on service provider infrastructure, detection and mitigation of revenue leakage, implementing subscriber security, and large scale firewalls.

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